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We support
your company’s development.


We provide our clients with the holistic approach.

We bring to the market innovative products, services and solutions — from complex consumer products, robotics, medical devices design and transportation industry.

From inception to implementation


  • mechanical package
  • ergonomics
  • conceptual engineering
  • detail engineering
  • technical feasibility studies
  • technical development
  • technical prototyping
  • reverse engineering
  • post development support
  • testing


  • research
  • conceptual design
  • human factors
  • product design
  • styling
  • digital mock-up creation
  • physical mock-up creation


  • benchmarking
  • strategy development
  • product definition and design brief development
  • project management
  • turn key projects
  • quality management
  • regulations compliance assurance (CE, ECE)
  • product integration
  • market implementation support

The ability to design excellent products
is a fundamental source
of commercial success.

Broad spectrum of services

Design audits are suggesting new operations, technologies, and resources to increase your bottom line and support future growth.

The goal is to examine what design practices can do to increase the responsiveness to your company’s brand, products and services.

We help companies to reach the market advantage by providing specialist advice.

Let's cooperate